"At Andrews, I always get my prescriptions fast and I never have to wait in line." PF

"I love Andrews because they offer delivery and because of their location...and they are so good to me!" BC

"We switched because we were so spoiled by a previous independent pharmacy that sold out and we were hoping to get it from another pharmacy. We like a smaller, hometown pharmacy. The customer service is great and Jon and Matthew, the pharmacists, seem very knowledgeable and helpful. The pharmacy also offers free delivery if we ever need it." K

"Andrews Pharmacy has that hometown feel." J

"I switched my medicine because of the small town pharmacy feeling. I knew Samantha and Megan from the previous independent pharmacy in town and they always took good care of me. Everyone there knows me by my first name and they address me by name when I come through the door." H

"Andrews is the only pharmacy that can get my daughter's medicine and all of the employees are very nice." DG and WG

"Andrews staff are always helpful and friendly!" SEH

"They are faster, more polite, and there is a better atmosphere at Andrews." MC

"Jon is the luckiest pharmacist in town because all of the good looking women he gets to work with! I love Andrews." FM Jr.

"Andrews is the best." WM

"Since the first time I came in to the pharmacy, I've been satisfied. The staff are courteous, helpful, and just awesome. I love the weekly planners for my mom." ER

"They have personal service and they feel like family." KM